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Hi! I’m Heather (but I go by Wastebin online). I’m sixteen seventeen years old. I’m interested in game development, worldbuilding, linguistics, and compsci. And Quake. I really like Quake. In sixth grade, I stumbled upon a Quake disc in a thrift store for $1.49 (I think that was how much it cost yep, that’s how much that thrift store charges for CDs, and Quake comes in a CD-sized pack thing) and it immediately caught my interest. Since then, I’ve been pretty regularly playing Quake and mods for it whenever I’ve had a working computer. Someone took it in eighth grade, and I was pretty salty about it. I still have the PAKs though, so my biggest gripe is not having the manual. I miss the soundtrack a little bit too, but I’m too lazy to pirate that and get that working.

What I’ve been doing with my life:

For the past five six seven years, I’ve been trying to design a programming language and write a compiler for it. It began life as a abominable mishmash of Batch and JavaScript that never got implemented (in elementary school I was the poster child script kiddie, and my love of Batch persisted into middle school *shudders*), and grew from there. Since then, it’s taken the form of a JS-ish scripting language, a C clone, and an object‐oriented, stack-based, functional programming language (yes, all three at once; it was weird), and its most recent form is a functional language with actual new stuff I probably am the first to think of, and very slick syntax; it still has some wrinkles to iron out before I’ll even attempt to fully implement it though, because otherwise it’ll end up being a hacky mess.

I’m also making a Thief-style Quake mod. The mapping side of things is going pretty well, but I’m considering writing a new progs.dat partially from scratch, because slogging through stuff for fluorescent [or “flourescent” ;)] lights+sounds, guns, etc. when trying to make changes to the QC is getting old fast, and I don’t like the whole “one targetname to do one thing” deal; it would be cool for entities to have key: value pairs like on_pressed: deactivate and die_on: deactivate.

(also, I’m an arachno-gommulist troon, so even though that’s not the main focus of the site, fair warning if you mind those things)

You can find me on Twitter at @crona_stan haha the clowns over at shitter locked my account again, fuck that site, I’m on Mastodon at @crona_stan@deadinsi.de.

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